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Interested in becoming a member?



Before you become a member, we ask you to arrange trial visits.

It is usual for prospective members to make three trial visits

so that you and the club can ensure that you will be happy at Oakwood.

These trial visits are normally held on Sundays or bank holidays.

Oakwood Sun Club is a Family Members Day Club

We do accept single Men and Women at Oakwood
but because naturism is more popular with single men
than it is with single women, we get many more calls from men.

To keep an even balance of singles,
we have to refuse many men until the following year (which begins in April)
So, for single men, please don't expect to be invited to attend the three visits
until the following year.

This is in no way a discriminatory move but a common sense move.

The fee for a trial visit is £15 per visit per single person, £10 per couple or family.
(Subject to imminent change)
The cost of these visits will be deducted from your subscription,
should you become a member in the same year.


 Subscription’s for 2019

are £160 per family or couple, or £80 per single adult.

Visitors will not necessarily be asked to undress

(unless they use the pool), although, if the weather is

warm, they should expect other people to do so.

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